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The GIF and the Certification Process

The GIF (Government Information Factory) is an architectural framework for building government information systems. It was created by Bill Inmon based on previous work done on the Corporate Information Factory.

The GIF addresses the unique requirements of government information processing such as holistic, passive and proactive security, scalability, and sharability of data within and between government agencies. The GIF also provides a migration path to move from a stovepipe environment to a GIF environment where you have an enterprise-wide view of data. In many regards, the GIF is the next generation of architecture for government entities.

The GIF framework encompasses both operational processing and informational processing. It also addresses the Web environment, the interface to outside agencies, ETL, ODS, DSS, data mining and other processing, as well as the need for archival data and near-line data.

The GIF Certification Course

The GIF certification class is a five day class for the purpose of describing the GIF in detail. The format of the class is lecture and discussion. The class is conducted by Bill Inmon. The class is for architects, system designers, managers, data base administrators, data administrators, and developers. The class is followed by a certification test. Upon completion of the class and the test, the attendee will be a certified GIF architect and will be entitled to use those credentials on a resume. The list of qualified GIF architects is made public on

Course Agenda


  • An Introduction to the GIF
  • Architecture
  • Short Term Budget/Long Term Architecture
  • Enterprise Model
  • Flow Through the Architecture
  • ROI - Cost of Information
  • ROI - Time Value of Data
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Example - Standard Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse Value
  • Example - A Train Company
  • Atomic Data
  • Example - A Telephone Company


  • Data Base Design
  • Improving Performance
  • Resource Governor
  • Monitor
  • Data Marts and Data Warehouse
  • Conforming Dimensions
  • Iterative Development
  • Staging Area
  • Operational Environment
  • ODS



  • ETL
  • DSS Framework
  • DSS
  • Example - A Steel Company
  • Example - An Airbag Company


  • Web Environment
  • Changed Data Capture
  • Profiling Data


  • ERP
  • Distributed Metadata
  • Global Data Warehouse
  • Iterative Migration
  • Migration
  • Performance Throughout the Architecture
  • Federated Data Warehouse
  • Methodology
  • HSM
  • Archival Processing
  • Designing Archival Data


  • Holistic Approach to Security
  • Predictive Security
  • Ownership
  • Exchange of Data
  • Resolving Ownership Overlap
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Object Oriented Design and the GIF

Courses begin at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. The instructor will be available for as long as there are questions.

You will receive handouts of the presentation material as well as Bill Inmon’s new book, An Introduction to the Government Information Factory.

Maps will be provided and hotels will be recommended. For more information, contact Lynn Inmon at

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